Policies and Rules and Dress Code

Our Mission is simple: To provide a safe and nurturing environment to dancers of all ages and abilities to find and dance their joy, regardless of background. Further, our goal is to provide the highest quality dance instruction and to uphold a professional caliber. Whether a student is pursuing a dance career or just wanting to dance for the sake of dancing, Revival Dance Academy is the studio of choice in our area. We want your experiences to be educational, inspirational, and fun. Dancing is an athletic activity as much as it is an art form, so to maintain a student's well-being as well as to preserve the integrity of the studio, the forthright adherence to rules and policies is highly regarded. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the rules and policies:

• No gum, food, or colored drink of any kind allowed in the classrooms (plain water is invited in the classrooms)

Students are expected to be 10 minutes early to class, this means they are ready for class with shoes on, proper attire and starting to stretch prior to being invited in for their class. For all children’s classes, students are asked to wait outside of the classroom until the teacher or assistant has invited them into class. For older students from Sapphire and above (ages 8+)  if the classroom is available for warm up time, we encourage you to quietly warm up in the class…as long as another class is NOT in session.

• Revival Dance Academy is not set up to ensure rides to and from dance class. We do have a contract through Trailblazer Transit for unlimited rides from the public schools for $24 a month, but this is in addition to regular class tuition prices.   We will do our best to make sure that students return to their parents in the hallway. If your child needs to wait for a ride, we insist that students wait inside the dance studio doors for safety purposes, as we are not able to control situations which occur outside of our business doors.

Since Revival Dance Academy is located in a primarily commercial center, we request that students bring clothing to wear over dance clothes, rather than having them walk down the street with only their tights and leotards worn on the body to protect their attire. 

• Historically, Revival Dance Academy has not found it necessary to address this issue, but this is worth mentioning. Our studio is built on the foundation of encouraging each other to do their best. With anything, a bit of competition is understandable, but we feel it is necessary to mention that we request that all students of Revival Dance Academy uphold exemplary character, treat others (students/teachers/parents/office staff) with respect, and encourage positive interaction with classmates. Degrading comments, swearing, stealing, and harming others verbally or physically is grounds for removal from Revival Dance Academy.

• Any class changes MUST be taken care of in in writing in the office or via email with r[email protected] Once we have that, we will adjust tuition. Students will be considered enrolled and tuition charged until the student is dropped or class is changed. We are happy to assist you in this, but we cannot drop you unless you let us know. The teachers are not responsible for telling the office about students that need to drop or change classes.

Registration link here: https://app.thestudiodirector.com/revivaldanceacademy/portalstore.sd


It is the belief of our studio that uniform dance clothing takes the focus away from what is worn on the body and puts the focus where it belongs,: on the movement that the body is doing. It is an equalizer. If everyone wears the same dancewear, the distractions over this are minimal. All approved dancewear is available on our Nimbly website, chosen for quality as well as for price. 


Twinkle Babies and Twinkle Tots

•Pink tights, pink or blue leotard or dance dress, Pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes

• hair secured in a bun away from the face

*Twinkle Bear 

Twinkle Stars

• pink tights

• pink ballet and black tap shoes

• Pink  color leotard or Dance Dress

• hair in a bun away from the face

Twinkle Bear

Joyful Shakers

• pink tights

• pink ballet shoes and Black tap shoes

• hair secured away from the face in a bun.
•lavender leotard, skirt optional 

Emerald Groovers
* pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes and black jazz shoes

*hair secured away from the face in a bun
Forest Green Leotard and skirt, available for purchase at the desk

Please note we are transitioning to be able to utilize Marine colored leos for this class due to available options.

Rising Amethyst
*pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes 
*hair secure in a bun, away from the face

*Dark Purple leotard and skirt, available for purchase at the desk

Sapphire Dancers
*pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black taps, 

*hair secure in a bun, away from the face
*sapphire leotard and skirt, available for purchase from the desk

Ruby Dancers

*Pink tights, black taps, black jazz 

*Hair secure in a bun, away from the face

*Ruby leo and skirt available for purchase, warmup allowances for cold weather


Black lace up jazz shoes

Black Hip-Hop sneakers 

coverups by instructor discretion


*black shorts, black jazz shoes, black tap shoes
*solid color t-shirt