Revival Dance Academy, LLC announces permanent closure

It is with an entirely broken heart that I announce the closure of my heart project, Revival Dance Academy, LLC. With the extension of Gov. Walz "emergency" powers and not seeing an end in sight to the threat of fines if someone complains to the "see something, say something" hotline, I cannot see a way forward for our tiny studio.

I am entirely heartbroken, this was a project I worked on for 2 years prior to opening in 2017. We started with 13 kids and within 3 years had quadrupled that to over 40 kids. We started our Nutcracker tradition in the historical downtown Delano and grew to need to use Mayer Lutheran High School. We accomplished the unthinkable, taking a building with a dirt floor into a building with character housing learning, a place to build friends and families, laughter and tears.

I am so sorry for the delay, I had hopes for reopening until the House voted yesterday 64/69 to end Govenor Walz emergency powers. We needed 90.

I will be holding a sale at the building shortly, and to avoid the possibility of being reported for having too many people in the building at once, please let me know when you would like to come in and get your piece of your memories here.

I love you all.


Miss Stephanie is a wonderful instructor. She made my daughter's dream come true to get on pointe. She has a true gift of teaching classical ballet and my daughter highly respected her. She is very dedicated to her students and truly cares for each and everyone of them. I loved that she would think of them as her own and would make sure they were ready to be on pointe. Always sees the potential in all of her students. My daughter was in dance for 15 years and highly respected as an instructor. We loved and still do love Miss Stephanie.

Vicki Graffe-Kobbe

Dance Mom

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